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How To Buy A Business, Grow Your Profits, And Make It Run Without You
"This practical book is full of proven strategies and techniques you can use immediately to increase your sales and profitability—from the first day." - Brian Tracy
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In The Lifestyle Business Owner, You'll Discover...
  •  The 3-Step System Aaron Used To Go From A Kid Who Didn't Attend College To Becoming The Owner Of Eight Multimillion-Dollar Companies That Run Without Him
  •  How You Can Own A Profitable Business That Runs Without You...Even If You Have No Money Or Prior Experience
  • Why Buying A Business is Usually CHEAPER Than Starting A Business (You Will Never Start A Business From Scratch Again Once You Read This)
  •  Step-By-Step Instructions To Owning A Brick-And-Mortar Or Online Business, Making A 6-Figure Income, And Working As Little As Five Hours A Week As A Lifestyle Business Owner
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"Aaron Muller cuts right to the chase on what you need to do to own a profitable business that runs without you." 
Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul
"This practical book is full of proven strategies and techniques you can use immediately to increase your sales and profitability—from the first day."
Brian Tracy, author of Now, Build a Great Business
"A must-read for anyone who wants to be a business owner. If you've ever dreamed of owning a business in your community, making a six-figure income, and working as little as five hours a week, then you'll love this book."
Gino Wickman, Creator of EOS and author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction
Introducing The Lifestyle Business Owner - How To Buy A Business, Grow Your Profits, And Make It Run Without You...
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Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • The Top 4 Reasons Most Business Owners Struggle...And How To Overcome Them! - pg. xiii
  • The Great Entrepreneur Hoax: How The Media And Business Schools Teach People The Riskiest Way To Own A Business (And How You Can Become A Successful Business Owner Without Risking Your Life) - pg. 3
  • EXPOSED: The Secret Formula To Owning A Business That Runs Without You (And How You Can Become A Business Owner Who Works As Little As 5 Hours A Week) - pg. 19
  • The Fatal Mistake 95%+ Of People Make When They Get Into Business (And How Making This Mistake Can Cause You Years Of Misery As A Business Owner) - pg. 29
  • What To Do If You Want To Become A Business Owner But Are Afraid Of The Business Not Working Out (And The Secret Strategy To Dramatically Cut Down Your Failure Rate) - pg. 33
  • The Truth About How Much A Business Is Worth...And The One Thing NOT To Do If You Want To Figure Out The Value Of Your Company - pg. 42
  • How To Get Into The Right Line Of Business (And The One Business You Should NEVER Get Into) - pg. 60
  • How To Buy A Profitable Company From Start To Finish...Even If You Have No Money, No Connections, And No Prior Experience - pg. 73
  • What To Do If You Need More Clients In Your Business...And How Business Owners Shoot Themselves In The Foot By Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes - pg. 97
  • The Truth About Marketing...And When It Makes Sense NOT To Use A Marketing Agency - pg. 99
  • How To Hire The Best Talent Without Paying A Fortune...And The Secret To Building A Winning Team At Your Company - pg. 105
  • How To Offer Excellent Customer Service Without Being Taken Advantage Of By Your Customers... (And The 5 Things You Must Pay Attention To) - pg. 131
  • What To Do If Your Sales Are Dropping... (And The Little Known Secret You Can Use Immediately To Turn Things Around) - pg. 133
  • What To Do If Your Customers Don't Pay You On Time...(And 6 Tricks To Get Your Customers To Pay You Faster) - pg. 137
  • How To Know Where All Of Your Money Went...Even If You Are Not A Super Organized Person - pg. 152
  • The 6 Critical Numbers You Should Watch To Judge The Financial Performance Of Your Company...And How To Improve The Bottom Line Even If Managing Finances Is Not Your Forte - pg. 159
  • The 5 Ways To Become A Lifestyle Business Owner...And How To Tell Which One Is Right For You - pg. 173
  • EXPOSED! The Secret Formula To Make A Business Run Without You (And How Financial Freedom And Time Freedom Are Closer Than You Think) - pg. 177
  • The 2 Fatal Mistakes People Make When They Try To Make A Business Run Without Them...And The Truth About What It REALLY Takes To Automate A Business - pg. 180
  • The 3 Questions You Must Consider If You Want To Building A Meaningful Business...(And What To Do If You Find Business Ownership Stressful Rather Than Enjoyable) - pg. 197
  • The One Thing NEVER To Do As A Business Leader (And How To Immediately Increase Your Influence And Effectiveness As A Leader) - pg. 209
Amazon review
Aaron Muller is not some random person who achieved moderate success and, considering himself a wunderkind, decided to write a book just because everyone else is doing it. Quite to the contrary. This book is incredibly well-written, with plenty of personal experiences and explanations, in a personable tone, that this is unlike any business-related book I’ve ever read. I’ve never had any interest in having a small business, knowing how much work it is and how I’m predestined to fail, but I’ll admit, this book had me thinking about the possibilities. I never even knew that buying and selling businesses was a thing. I mean, it makes sense that it’s a thing but I just never thought about it. I’ve always just subconsciously thought that having a small business meant starting from scratch. The author advises against just that, which is where the buying and selling of established businesses come in.

Every step to owning a profitable small business, the keys for success, the pitfalls to avoid—these were all laid out in easy to understand terms. It’s also a bit of a self-help book on how to approach your work no matter what, if it doesn’t make you happy, you should do something else. He addresses the hang-ups and worries people have about starting and operating a small business, and the risks involved. He doesn’t sugarcoat it, he just tells you how best to be successful. He wants to help you become a business owner who doesn't just work 5,328 hours a week, trying to keep your business afloat. He wants you to be able to delegate the work, enjoy your success, not be so stressed out that you can't even enjoy any money that you make. After reading this book, I feel like an entrepreneurial spirit, a good broker, and the principles in this book is all you need to have a successful "lifestyle business." 

Amazon Review
As a small business owner, I found this book quite informative and helpful. I had never heard of a lifestyle business owner before, but the concepts make total sense. Running the business rather than letting it run you is important in my mind because why would anyone want to go from working a normal 40 hour a week job to an 80 hour a week job for less pay.
I was skeptical at first about the author’s advice to buy an existing business especially since I felt that it would be hard to find a company that could fit one’s ideal preferences. However, he convinced me of the soundness of that advice. I hadn’t really thought about how much time, effort, and money is spent just getting the business off the ground. Why go through all that hassle if other opportunities are available to fulfill your plans?!
I enjoyed the fact that the author provided specific examples to reinforce his points and I found this book a great read. I will definitely be referring back to this book as I grow my business and look for other opportunities to expand.

And That's JUST The First 209 Pages...
You'll Also Get My Breakthrough Technique That Allowed Me To Buy 50% Of My Boss's Company By The Time I Was 18 Years Old...When I Had No Inheritance, No College Degree, And Made My Living As A Laborer Making Only $5.50 An Hour... And SO MUCH MORE!
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The Lifestyle Business Owner Book
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Aaron Muller
Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. I'm declaring war on Wall Street and big corporations. I'm sick and tired of greedy big corporations who care about no one else but their own pocketbooks. I'm on a mission to help more small business owners succeed so our local communities can become strong and vibrant again. 

2. Because (unlike other "gurus") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually own 8 companies that run without me - six of them are brick-and-mortar businesses and two of them are online businesses) because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff. 

3. I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future. 

4. Its my way of saying thank you. I've learned from some great mentors in my life. Now that I own eight multimillion-dollar companies, it's my turn to mentor others and pay it forward. 

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Aaron Muller
Aaron Muller
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